Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Clean and Maintain Equipments in BAR

  • Use a damp rag to wipe the surface of the tables one by one.
  • Sweep the Bread crumbs out from under the chairs and tables.
  • polish by using an adequate silverware cleaning cloth.
  • Check the silverware for any damage.
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Guest Farewell greetings in BAR

  • Accompany the guest to the entrance of the restaurant and thank him, by saying Thank you for dining at (name of Restaurant).
  • Tell him we are looking forward to welcoming him/ her by saying , Wish to serve you again or Hope to serve  you again soon.

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How to set up a Service concepts in BAR and Resturants

General Service Concept:
  • The philosophy of each of the BAR / Lounge shall be innovation through simplicity. The most important feature is the well being of the guest.
  • Therefore, a guest shall not wait more than 15 minutes for her/his cocktail despite the waiter taking care in her/his cocktail presentation.
  • It is more important to take care of the guests instead of taking care of ourselves.
  • Friendly and efficient service is far more important in impressing the guest and making her/him a repeat customer.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tips for Wine and Beverage Ordertaking in Restaurants

After the guest has been seated, approach the guest’s table with the beverage menu.

Approach the guest from the right side and ask if she/he would like to have a drink or if she/he would like to see the beverage list.

Recommend any special drinks or cocktails.

If the guest requests to see the menu, hand the menu to the guest and step back within attentive distance to wait until the guest has made her/his choice.

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Store Requisition and inventory BAR:

For every F & B store requisition, a requisition form has to be completed.

The form must carry the signature of the Outlet Manager / Outlet Chef / Stewarding Manager / Catering Manager (as applicable).

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MISE EN PLACE IN - Restaurants:

Prepare the mise-en-place for chinaware as trained.

Pick up the washed chinaware from the shelves located at the dish-washing area and deliver them to the polishing area.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to upsell beverages in BAR / Lounge

Know your product:

Be enthusiastic- It’s easier to sell something which you are excited about.

Make beverage sound appealing – Eg: user words like “fruity”, “Icy” and thirst quenching” etc.

Find out if guests are in a hurry or only have time for a quick drink; whether they like sweet or tart beverages etc.

Offer a choice: “ Would you like Smirnoff’s or Absolute in your vodka and tonic?

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How to clean and maintain equipments in BAR / Lounge

Wipe the table top and the chairs:

Use a damp rag to wipe the surface of the tables one by one.

Sweep the Bread crumbs out from under the chairs and tables.

Never user linen napkins for cleaning.

Silverware polishing:
Pick up the washed silver from the dish-washing area and deliver it to the polishing area.

Prepare hot water in stainless steel pot, put the silverware into the hot water before polishing.
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How to clear BAR counter and Lounge table during Service

Table Clearing:
  • A table that is not properly cleared can easily create a bad impression. One should strive towards having as few items on the tables possible.
  • Wait to clear glasses and plates until more than one guest at a table is finished, so guests who are still eating or drinking do not feel rushed
  • After all guests have finished their course, all plates, cutlery and side dishes related to the dish must be removed.
  • For removing equipment from the table, the same service rules apply as for serving the items.

How to server wine in Resturants and BAR

Collect the bottle of wine:

1. Pick up the wine bottle from the service bar and make sure it is the correct one that has been ordered and that it is at the right temperature

2. For Red wine, put the bottle into a wine basket

3. For White wine, prepare a wine cooler with enough ice cubes and water

4. When carrying the bottle of wine into the restaurant, always have your service napkin with you. Be careful when carrying wine.

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How to pickup and server beverage in BAR and Resturants

Make sure the beverage are made as ordered:

1 or 2 minute after having punched your order in the POS terminal, or delivered the written Captain Order copies to the kitchen and cashier, go to the bar counter.

Mixing, pouring, garnishing and serving drinks the same way every time is the mark of a quality operation.
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Procedure for daily closing down activity in hotel BAR

Closing duties are different in different lounges. Your closing duty checklist lists your responsibilities for the end of your day activities.
  • Clean all unnecessary used items in the bar counter i.e. (used glasses, ashtray, display, table mats etc.)
  • Wipe crumbs from chairs and tables into beverages napkins and throw them away.
  • Wipe tables and chairs with a clean damp cloth, followed by dry cloth. Never user linen napkins for cleaning.
  • Arrange tables and chairs neatly as guests leave. Pick up paper or debris whenever you see it.
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Opening Routine Duties in Resturants

Opening Routine in Hotel BAR:

  • Switch on the Bar lights, display lights, glass wash machine and plug in all bar electronic equipment i.e. (Blender, Swirl Machine etc.)
  • Read and check the Log book hand over notes and requisition book.
  • Check the Bar counter, sink, utensils and fridge.
  • Clean up spills with the damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth. Do not user a linen napkin to clean up spills. Use only designated cloths or cleaning towels.
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How to conduct departmental meetings in F&B departments

The Food and Beverage service department should conduct regular pre-shift meeting with all key staff members and also monthly meetings with F&B Director and HOD’s of each outlet.

Daily Pre Shift Meetings:

Pre shift meetings are ideal times for managers to emphasize teamwork and develop common goals with staff members.

Pre shift meetings should also give staff members an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered.

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Tips on reporting to duty in resturants

The F&B department will put up a weekly duty roster indicating the day and date, shifts and employees scheduled for each shift. Every associate is required to punch in and punch out at the staff entrance.

Every department head shall maintain department’s own sign-in/sign-out   attendance register with the time, date, employee name and signatures.

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Standard Grooming and Hygiene Policy in Resturants

Personal Hygiene
  • Shower daily.
  • Brush your teeth regularly
  • Keep hair free of lice, dandruff.
  • Do not chew gum, tobacco
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Gargle after smoking and have a breath freshner.
For Food Handlers
  • Food handlers must :
  • Be properly clothed in clean clothing
  • Keep hands finger nails and body clean
  • Wash hands thoroughly before commencing work, after using the toilet and at other times.
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How to setup Uniform Issue Policy for Hotel staffs

The housekeeping department will provide every employee with three (3) sets of uniforms according to her/his position for a period of 2 years.

In case of suits and uniform for fine dining restaurant only 2 sets will be issued or it may be stated that front of house employees will receive 2 sets while back of house employees will receive 3 sets.

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Night Audit Checklist for hotels

The Front office Audit is usually referred as Night Audit because hotels generally perform it during the late evening hours. Before the implementation of automated front office systems, The most convenient time to perform the audit was during the late evening and early morning hours, This helps the front office personals to work with minimal interruption and also most of the hotel outlets and revenue centers are closed during this time.

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How to conduct operation audit in Hotel Front Office


1) Check special procedures in place for processing guest express/special delivery mail?
2) Are guest safety deposit box procedures established and implemented?           
3) Are enough hotel directories available to the guests?           
4) Do front office receptionists and cashiers have friendly, positive attitudes?
5) Check for proper signage, so guests don’t wait in the wrong place?                  
6) Are the procedures for guests waiting in lines for check-in/check-out frequently monitored and changed if necessary?

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