Saturday, February 9, 2013

Prepare for a Group arrival in hotel

Front office team has to be prepared for receiving a group in the hotel. They should also make sure that the requested rooms and ready at the time of group arrival and also the room blocking as been done as per the rooming list sent by the Travel Agent / Company.

Pre Arrival ( Either one or two days before group arrival):

1) Duty roster must be prepared accordingly and to be approved by the Front office manager. ( appropriate staffing level should be considered according to group movements)
2) Read appropriate Group Folder / Contract.

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How to handle Group Check -in

1) Always designate a Group Coordinator from the Front Desk prior to arrival.
2) Liaise constantly with the sales Group coordinator for information.
3) Check that Arrival Registration cards have been prepared for the group along with the rooming list for signature.
4) Check all Relevant correspondence has been read and briefed during the staff briefing.
5) Check Group Billing instructions and cross check the billing instructions entered on the Property management software.
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Duties of Hotel Revenue Manager

Revenue Manager is responsible for both strategic and tactical initiatives related to revenue maximization. As a member of the Revenue Management Department, you will have the opportunity to set strategic direction, determine pricing, create promotions, and explore new distribution opportunities. You will own the implementation of a business plan and product strategy. You will have exposure to senior management and work closely with Sales, Marketing, Trade Support and Services and Reservations.

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How to Conduct Briefing in hotels

Hotel Front office staff needs daily briefings so they know what’s happening in the hotel that day / previous day. This gives a smoother operation, without having to waste time asking others and they know what’s happening in the hotel.

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