Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Housekeeping standard procedure for servicing guest rooms

Servicing of Occupied Rooms:
  • All occupied rooms are serviced twice daily and as and when requested by the guest.
  • Enter the room according to the procedure of entry to guestrooms.
  • Clear the garbage according to the procedure of removal of garbage from dustbins.
  • Collect the soiled linen and throw in the linen bag.
  • Make the bed, follow the bed making procedure.
  • Perform dusting of the room.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Housekeeping Tip - Entering guest room and greeting guest:

Entering guestrooms:
  • Houseman knocks the guestroom door thrice.
  • Announce. “Housekeeping”
  • Wait for two minutes.
  • Open the door.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tips for Cocktail service in Banquet receptions:

A selection of cocktail & reception packages shall be permanently available. Each priced at a different level, they will fit the needs of the different market segments targeted.

The different packages shall vary mainly in terms of the food selection offered.

Tailor-made packages can be offered at any time, after consulting with the Executive Chef if any special food is requested.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips for Sit down buffet service in Banquets:

Prepare table for each course before serving:
  • Always ask guest if they are finished before clearing.
  • Clear any empty plates or glasses from the guest’s right with your right hand.
  • Never stack dirty plates in front of guests. Pick them up separately and stack them away from guests.
  • Bring all condiments and accompaniments to the table before serving the order.
  • Only bring full- not partially full condiment bottles to guests.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tips for Beverage Order taking and Service in Banquets:

The same basic rules for serving beverages apply as for other F&B outlets, but because of the larger numbers of guests, service needs to be quick and efficient.

Soft drinks will not be pre-poured in glasses more than 5 minutes before being served. Draught beers will only be poured as required (no carafe).

Take Beverage Orders:
  • The function host will have selected the beverages when booking the function. The banquet event order (BEO) will list these details.
  • If a guest asks for a beverage which is not listed on the BEO then know whether there is a extra charge and tell the guest what the charge is.
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tips for Banquet service sequence and briefing:

Before each function, the staff member in charge of the function shall brief all her/his staff on the way the function will take place, allocate tasks accordingly and fix time schedules.

Review Banquet event orders for functions that will happen on the day:

The room the function will be held in.
The number of guests expected.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

How to setup Banquets Sales Correspondence Policy:

 Accompanying letter:

This letter shall be a standard letter which will always accompany any printed material given or sent to a potential customer.

Specific general quotation:

This letter shall be sent to potential customers who have approached the hotel for detailed information on a specific topic concerning the banquet facilities, e.g. : meetings, weddings, luncheons, etc.

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Post event Banquet Manager & Supervisor duties:

  • Clearing of all tables of china, glasses, flatware and ashtrays.
  • Straighten legs on all tables.
  • Remove all linens.
  • Rearrange all chairs around tables neatly
  • Supervise the banquet / event service staff.
  • Turn off the public address system.

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Tips for Banquet Menu Engineering and Cost Control:

  • All menus items have been cost-valued and the price level has been established according to the objectives set by the Management Team.
  • Therefore, it is very important to respect the different recipes and instructions given by the executive Chef or his Assistant.
  • The size of a recipe must be adapted to the number of people and to the selected menu choice.

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Tips for good Banquet Function Sheet / Event order ( BEO ):

  • A function sheet will contain complete information on all events within a function for one day.
  • All function sheets for the coming week will be distributed with the weekly forecast, i.e., and will be discussed during the morning briefings.
  • Always make sure the BEO’s are in order, with the first function of your work shift at the front.

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How to setup and maintain Buffet in Banquets:

  • The hotel offers different kinds of buffets. Each hotel/outlet category has a number of buffet set-ups to choose from according to the budget and selection of dishes.
  • Keep hot items hot.
  • Keep cold items cold.
  • Maintain service ware

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Tips for Bill preparation and settlement in Banquets:

  • After the function, the bill is made up according to the information on the Banquet Event Order.
  • If any changes or extra orders were requested by the guest, they will be added to the total amount (as extra charges).
  • The banquet bill will be prepared on the F & B POS (point of sale) terminal system and closed.

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Back-Of-House Setup & Equipment Storage

  • The back-of-house shall be impeccable at all times.
  • Equipment must be stored in the appropriate area and the furniture taken care of properly.
  • Make sure that all waiters, bartenders, stewards and cooks respect the back-of-house rules ensuring that it remains an efficient working area.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tray, Trolley, Cart Clearance Procedure in Room Service / IRD:

  • The guest informs the order taker of a clearance request.
  • Before you leave a service tray or room service cart, Know where the guestroom is located and also know the best way to get to the guestroom.
  • Avoid public elevators, lobbies, function areas and restaurant entrances.
  • Knock firmly three times with your knuckles and announce “Room Service / In Room Dining”.
  • Place service ware, glasses, used linens and trash on the tray.

Procedure for serving the Guest Order inside the room:

  • Offer to place the order on the table, desk, or credenza whichever the guest prefers.
  • If using a room service car, fold out the wings of the cart and spread out the table cloth neatly.
  • Place the flower vase, the salt & pepper set and the sugar bowl on the side of the table.
  • Place the bread plate on the left side of the table fork.
  • The napkin shall be placed between the table knife and the fork with the open side facing up.

How to Preset tray and trolley in Room servrvice / IRD:

  • Clean the In room dining area.
  • Wash trays in the dish room.
  • Remove all equipments and supplies from the carts.
  • Use a clean cloth and a sanitizing solution to wipe the carts, including the helves legs and wheels.
  • Polish the carts with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Organize and preset trays’ and trolley before the meal period begins.

Tips for Order taking in Room Service and IRD:

  • Greet Callers Warmly.
  • The telephone must be answered within the three (3) first rings.
  • Identify your department and introduce yourself by name.
  • Ask the guest for their names and room number, If the telephone is not digital.
  • Check the billing instruction of the guest.

Tips for Door Knob menu order Process in Room Service / IRD :

The overnight Supervisor shall assign a waiter to collect all door knob breakfast menu orders every night, according to the schedule.

Use the service lift to get to the top floor and collect the door knob breakfast menu orders floor by floor, working downwards.

Write down the room number on each door knob breakfast menu order.

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How to setup Departmental policy in Room Service / IRD :

Room Service / IRD should be designed to meet the needs of guest, but it should also be designed with the property’s human and material resources in mind. Hotel General service manager should consider the extra resources required before implementing a new room service policy.

Policy for Chinaware, Glassware, Hollowwware and Linen.

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Tips for Delivering room service orders:

Double Check the order to make sure nothing is missing, damages or soiled. Check everything carefully before leaving the kitchen to save unnecessary return trips to pick up items that were missed.

Double check for Service ware, Linen, Napkins, condiments, Bread and butter, Garnish etc.

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Tips for Processing drink re order in BAR/ Lounge:

  • Verifying with guest if they would like another beverage.
  • Taking down second order on your scribbling pad.
  • Serve additional beverages.
  • Monitor guests closely for signs of intoxications.
  • Stop alcohol service to intoxicated guests.

How to Greet and welcome guest upon arrival - BAR / Lounge :

Address them with the appropriate greeting for the time of, as follows:
00.00 –  11.59 - “Good morning”
12.00 –  17.59  - “Good afternoon”  
18.00 –  23.59  - “Good evening”              
  • Use the guest’s name, when know.
  • Try to call the guest by her/his name : e.g., “Good morning Mr. XXX, how are you?”.
  • Check for any reservation.
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Closing routine duites and tips in Hotel BAR / Lounge:

Closing duties are different in different lounges. Your closing duty checklist lists your responsibilities for the end of your day activities:

Clean all unnecessary used items in the bar counter i.e. (used glasses, ashtray, display, table mats etc.)

Wipe crumbs from chairs and tables into beverages napkins and throw them away.

Wipe tables and chairs with a clean damp cloth, followed by dry cloth. Never user linen napkins for cleaning.

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How to pickup and serve beverage to guest:

Make sure the beverage are made as ordered:

1 or 2 minute after having punched your order in the POS terminal, or delivered the written Captain Order copies to the kitchen and cashier, go to the bar counter.

Check Beverage for Garnish, Special instructions, spilliage.

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