Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Speed up reservation process in Opera PMS

Speed up the reservation process with Auto Attach! Opeara PMS

In most hotels the front desk team spend significant time reviewing the arrival list to see if all information has been correctly entered, so that everything will be well prepared for the guest when he arrives.

Reservation agents has to check that the guest’s preference codes are in place, that the correct inventory items have been added, that there are traces in place to action necessary items, that the guests that are members of the loyalty program have the correct codes on their reservation to smoothly receive their benefits and so on. Performing this task was a tedious job and all because we need to make sure that the reservation agents have not forgotten something!

Now in OPERA PMS they offers a feature to help secure that all these codes are added automatically at the moment of reservation?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to control Inventory

How to Control Inventory

Inventory control is often coordinated through the accounting department. Although some departments perform inventories of their supplies for their own benefit.

Major inventories should not be conducted by department heads or supervisors for their own departments. Better control is obtained when the inventory control staff comes from outside the department. Like for Example inventory control audit of Housekeeping done by Accounts department.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hotel Setup Discussions :: Topic: Room Boy Security Checklist while Cleaning Room (1/1)

Room Boy Security Checklist while Cleaning Hotel Guest Room

  • Check Deadbolt on corridor door and connecting room door.
  • Security chain on guestroom door.
  • Security bar and/or metal pin on glass sliding doors.
  • Check Stop devices on windows to limit access from outside the room, where windows may be opened.
  • View port (peephole), to verify that the unit has not been reversed so individuals in the corridor can look into the guest room.
  • Check the room and bath Telephone.
  • In-room safe, secure and with no evidence of tampering.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hotel and Restaurant Purchasing and Receiving control Tips

Hotel and restaurant Purchasing and Receiving control Tips:

Hotels and restaurants must purchase a wide variety of products, supplies, and services in the course of daily operations. There  is a less concern  about theft In small properties where the owner/manager is directly responsible for the purchasing.
For a Large hotel or a restaurant chain where more people become involved in purchasing, there is a chances of theft. This is also a weak area for the hotel security because it is very difficult to monitor and catch the theft. This mainly because there will be a very good understanding between the purchasing officer and the suppliers

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hotel Guest Room Security Equipments

Hotel Guest Room Security Equipment's:

Hotel guest room security may be enhanced by the use of security equipment such as hotel/motel function locks, safety chains, and similar devices.

Secondary access limiting devices on sliding glass, balcony, and connecting room doors, access limiting devices for operational windows, a guestroom telephone or other communication device available for use 24 hours a day, a peephole in or window next to the guestroom door etc.

Hotel Guest Room Locks:

Hotel Guest room Security locks can be a critical aspect of guest protection. Locks and locking systems are needed which lend themselves to the smooth and efficient operation of the property, but which are not easily compromised.

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