Sunday, September 23, 2012

Opera Xpress Recommended features selections from the allowed 55 features.

It is definitely a good choice for a small independent hotel like yours. the main highlight of this software are:

1) Opera Xpress is a skinned down version of the proven Opera PMS.
2) Strong oracle backend.
3) Good reporting capability.
4) Simple Navigation using dashboards.
5) A Wide range of interfacing capability with third party software's and hardware.
6) As they are the market leaders you easily get trained staff who already know how to work on Opera. ( Will save training / refresher training costs )
7) Opera Xpress enables you to simplify your night audit, eliminating down time in the process. Because you don't have to shut down the system while you wait for your auditor to review, ? le and reconcile, you save time and money.
8)Fully automated EOD process minimizes the opportunities for accounting errors.
9)And finally it is cost effective as you only pay for the feature's you use.
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Storage and Issuing in Hotels

After items are received and verified, they should be immediately moved to locked storage. The hotel employees should move the items. If the receiving personnel are not available to move the items, the appropriate storage room supervisor should move the materials into storage.
The supplier's delivery person should not be allowed to enter the property's storage areas. A copy of the receiving document should be given to the store room staff for further verification before the items are stored.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Health Clubs and Jogging Trails Safety and Security

Health clubs and jogging trails are becoming increasingly popular. Many properties have installed or are installing exercise equipment for guest use. Properties that offer these services can take steps to reduce both the possibility of injuries to guests and the property's potential liability for such injuries.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hotel Safe Deposit Box Procedures

Safe Deposit Box Procedures in Hotels

Purpose:  The following procedures will ensure that all properties are in compliance with the use of safe deposit boxes by registered guests (boxes are not to be issued to non-registered individuals). Failure to comply with government requirements can result in the forfeiture of protection offered by these statues. Any departure from these procedures must be reviewed by management.
Responsibility:  The hotel manager is responsible for procedure implementation and training of front desk personnel. Periodic, documented audits of critical elements of the program are also required.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Opera PMS- Hidden advance routing functionality

Opera PMS Hotel- Hidden advance routing functionality how does it work ?

Yes this is not the normal routing which you are think about. That’s old stuff and now this a hidden feature which only very less people / hotel is aware about !

This feature is called as 'Transaction Diversion'.

Normal Routing functionality allows you to set up rules / routing on each reservation to transfer charges to another room or window. But with this advanced routing functionality aka 'Transaction Diversion' you will be able to set up rules / routing that will automatically divert postings to a pre-defined paymaster.

Now what is the difference and how you should use it for your hotel !

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