Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cleaning restaurants / dining area

  • Restaurants and dining areas have to be cleaned daily before their opening time and as and when requested by the restaurant staffs.
  • Collect all the cleaning items required for particular Outlets.
  • Collect the dining area keys from the security department.
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Guest Corridor Cleaning and Minibar / Mini fridge Cleaning by Room Boys

  • Floor corridor must be cleaned at least once a day based on guest traffic and occupancy.
  • Sweep the corridor from corner to corner with feather brush.
  • Dust the fittings and skirting with a duster.
  • Mop the floor with long handle mop.
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How to clean Elevators / Lifts in hotels

  • Elevator is cleaned on a daily basis because of their volume of use.
  • The best time to schedule the elevator cleaning is either during late night or very early morning in order to avoid high usage.
  • According to the interior design and materials used on elevator, the appropriate cleaning methods and cleaning solutions to be used.
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