Saturday, July 21, 2012

Key Terms used in Housekeeping Department

Key terms used in the hotel Housekeeping department :

Housekeeping Status report : A report prepared by the housekeeping department to indicate the current status of each room, based on a physical check.

Preventive maintenance: A systematic approach to maintenance in which situations are identified and corrected on a regular basis. This will help to control costs and keep larger problems from occurring.

Room Status Discrepancy: A situation in which the housekeeping department's description of a room status differs from the room status information at the front desk.

Routine maintenance: Activities related to the general upkeep of the property that occur on a regular basis, This also requires minimal training or skills to perform.

Schedule maintenance: Activities related to the general upkeep of the property that are initiated through a formal work-order.

Turndown Service: A Special service provided by the housekeeping department in which a room attendant enters the guestroom in the early evening to restock supplies, tidy the room and turn down the covers of the bed.

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Market Codes

Sample Market segment used while creating reservations in hotels, Check out the codes here : Market Codes

Souce Codes

Sample Source segments used in hotel reservation process: Souce Codes

Salutation Codes

Sample Salutation codes used in hotels for profile updation: Salutation Codes

Reservation Status

List of standard reservation status codes used in hotels : Reservation Status

Profession Codes

List of Profession Codes for hotel guests profile updation, Check out here:  Profession Codes

Nationality Codes

List of Nationality Codes Check out here: Nationality Codes

Maintenance Code

List of maintenance codes used for property management system setup :  Maintenance Code

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Types of Security Alarm Systems Used in Hotels

Types of Security Alarm Systems used in Hotels:

There is a growing use of alarm systems in some hotels and motels. Alarm systems may sometimes be invaluable for the many entrances and emergency exits found through a hotel or motel and for perimeter control.

There should be a control center for all property alarms  and the same should be properly located, Access to this room should be only permitted to authorized persons.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hotel Physical Security Checklist

Hotel Physical Security Checklist


  1. Will a fence help protect the premises?
  2. If there is a fence in place,is the fence too high to climb or protected with barbed wire?
  3. Is the fence in good repair?
  4. Is the fence designed so no one can crawl under it?
  5. Are materials such as trash containers, incinerators,etc., that could be used in scaling the fence placed a safe distance away?
  6. Are the gates solid and in good repair?
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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in hotels

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in hotels

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) has become a recognized tool for the architect and developer in the construction of a lodging or hospitality facility.

The basic principles of CPTED include target hardening (controlling access to neighborhoods and buildings and conducting surveillance on specific areas to reduce opportunities for crime to occur) and territorial reinforcement (increasing the sense of security in settings where people live and work through activities that encourage informal control of the environment). READ FULL ARTICLE HERE : Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in hotels

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hotel Security Department Organization Chart

Sample Organization Chart For Hotel Security Department :-
No two hotels have identical security requirements. National Security Standards are not suitable for such a varied industry. While such efforts are undoubtedly well-intentioned, the lodging industry quite reasonably view them as unrealistic and ultimately counterproductive.
Below you can find a sample format for organizational chart for Hotels / Resorts.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hotel Security Self Inspection Checklist

Hotel Security Self Inspection Checklist:-
Since Transient guest do not have the sense of territory or the ability to easily recognize intruders as intruders  that neighbors in a residential community have effective physical security in needed to reduce their vulnerability.
An Effort should be made to develop a self inspection or survey form tailored to the property. Below points should be considered while creating a checklist.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

CCTV Tips for Hotel Security

CCTV Tips from the Experts for Hotel Security

  • If you Choose to have CCTV, Get a good system. Avoid going with the lowest bidder; If you're called into court you need to show that you hired the best company not the cheapest.
  • Before cameras are installed Make sure the supplier lets you see the image from the proposed camera positions using different lenses.
  • If possible, have security personnel watch the video monitors around the vlock to catch problems as they happen. At the very least, record everything so you have evidence in case of a crime or accident.

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