Saturday, August 24, 2013

Housekeeping SOP for cleaning Shower curtain and bathtub

  • Dip a shower curtain in Luke warm water and few drops of diluted cleaning solution.
  • Soak the shower curtain for 1/2 an hour.
  • Scrub the curtain nicely from the lower part of the curtain.
  • Scrub off soap buildup with a brush.
  • Push the shower curtain liner against the wall.
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Tips for cleaning Sink and Vanity area in Hotel Rooms

SOP – Housekeeping – Cleaning Sink and Vanity area

A Clean washcloth or hand towel, a sponge, cleaning cloths, a stiff brush and cleaning supplies.

Move guest toiletries when necessary.

Place a clean wash cloth or hand towel on that spot and keep the guest toiletries on it.

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Hotel Reservation Confirmation Template - HTML Email Fortmat

Learn how to create a professional looking reservation confirmation template in HTML format for your hotel, resorts, B&B and Lodge.

This template can be emailed to your guest as a confirmation of their room booking.
Reservation Confirmation Sample Hotels | Reservation Confirmation Resort

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Duties and responsibilities Restaurant Manager / Asst. Restaurant Manager

REPORTS TO: Food and Beverage Manager / General Manager

  • Oversea the dining area, supervises food and beverage service staff in accordance with operating policies that he or she may help establish.
  • Creates a positive team atmosphere among Team Members.
  • Maintains records of staff periodic manner and operating costs.
  • Provides feedback and coaching to the Team regularly.
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Duties and responsibilities for Resturant Servers / Waiters

Greets guests and presents them with the menu.

Informs guests about the special items for the day and menu changes if any.

Suggest food and beverages to the guest and also try to upsell.

Take food and beverage orders from the guest on the order taking pads or on the handheld Point of sale ( POS ) system.

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Busperson Duties and responsibilties

  • Pour water and refill coffee and tea cups.
  • During busy periods asssist servers by serving food and beverage to guests.
    Perform outlet opening duties such as setting tables, chairs, Chef in dish or cheffing dish, printing item / dish 
  • names for placing in front of the dishes.
  • Cleaning side stations and stocking and replenishing side station supplies.
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How to prepare guest room before cleaning

Remove room service equipments from room:

Pickup all room service equipment and move it to the floor pantry.

Move the room service cart / trolley to the floor pantry.

Inform the room service / IRD department to clear the trays / trolley from guest room / floor pantry.

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Tips for using Dryers in hotel Laundry

1) Dryer temperature:
  • Set the correct temperature for the dryer as per the linen used.
  • Reduce heat if the synthetics linens are having wrinkles.
  • Reduce heat down during the last few minutes of drying time.
  • Remove linens before they are bone-dry.
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Standard operating procedure for Laundry Washer loading:

Prepare loads of laundry:

The weight of each laundry can change as per the property and linen quality.

Use a weighing scale to weight the solid linen batch.

Always load the washer with the correct capacity, Do not overload or under load the machines.
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How to Handle guest complaints in Resturants and coffee shops ?

Understand few common reasons for ‘Why Guest complaints?’:
  • Unfriendly staff or lack of a warm greeting.
  • Pushy servers.
  • Excuses by the servers.
  • Lack of courtesy by servers.
  • Unhelpful attitudes of servers.
  • Overly friendly servers.

Mini Bar attandent Job description

Job Description for Mini Bar Attendant:

REPORTS TO: Room Service Manager / Executive Housekeeper


Provide guests with a fully-stocked and well-maintained mini-bar on a consistent basis throughout their stay. Stock the mini-bar cart with the necessary items in order to maintain the par level on a daily basis.

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