Saturday, May 19, 2012

Uniformed Service in hotels - ( Definition and Roles ):-

Employees who work in the uniformed service department of the hotel generally provide the most personalized guest service. Taken into consideration the degree of attention given to the guests by this department, Some Properties refer these as Uniformed services others simply as Guest service.
While personal in reservations, front desk, and communications areas effect guest perceptions, it is often personal  in uniformed service who make a lasting impression. Also uniformed service staff are usually classified as "tipped employees", Since a portion of their income is derived from guests gratuities !  
The primary positions within the uniformed service department are:
  • Bell attendants - Persons who provides baggage services between service between the lobby area and the guest room.
  • Door attendants - Persons who provide curb-side baggage service and traffic control at the hotel entrance.
  • Valet Parking attendants - Persons who provide parking service for guests automobiles
  • Transportation personnel - person who provide transportation services for guests.
  • Concierges - Person who assist guests by making restaurant reservations, arranging for transportation, getting tickets for theater, sporting etc.
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